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Claire Bennet Crossover Fanfiction
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18th-Jan-2008 07:25 pm - Heroes/Gilmore Girls - Paradox

Title: Paradox
Fandoms: Heroes, Gilmore Girls
Author: leezh
Beta reader: karathephantom
Characters: Claire, Zach, Jess
Word Count: approx. 2600
Rating: PG-13 'coz of a little bit of curse words
Summary:   Zach cannot believe he agrees to go to New York with Claire to look for a guy that she claims cannot possibly be her uncle. His name, Jess Mariano, resembles nothing like Peter Petrelli, and didn't she say that Uncle Peter had gone nuclear - or something?
Notes: It is set after 'How to Stop an Exploding Man'. A crossover with Gilmore Girls, also a companion piece (sort of sequel) to ' Doppelganger' , which I recommend to be read before proceeding with this piece. Written for fivebyfiction challenge at Livejournal, though it supposed to be Paire... I guess you can still see it that way, though now it leans more to Jess/Claire! =) As for a continuation, I include a hint of it in the fic, but to be truthful it's still in the brainstorming cabinet. =)
Disclaimer: If I did own both of these awesome shows, the Heroes universe would be fused with Gilmore Girls already.


follow the fake lj-cut...
29th-Nov-2007 10:51 pm - Winter Holiday Challenge

1. Post a new entry with a fanfic involving a winter holiday (Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc).
2. Characters can be from the comics, cartoons, movies or TV shows.
3. Subject line should include (in this format): Winter Challenge Entry: Title - Pairing/Characters
4. No minimum or maximum!
5. NO dead line!
6. You can write as many as you want! 
7. Must tag entries as .challenge entry along with the other proper tags.

and the most important rule: HAVE FUN!
27th-Oct-2007 01:17 am - Supernatural Crossover

Summary: Claire and Dean meet at a bar. Claire has a inkling that she saw him before though.

Couples: Claire/Dean

Characters: Claire, Dean,
Disclaimer: Don't own anyone or anything.

Warnings: Spoilers for the episode Skin (Season 1) and the episode Nightshifter (Season 2) for Supernatural.

Notes: I had a fun time writing this… it was easier then the Sam/Claire fanfic I was trying to write (Runaway), lol. And I don’t mind the pairing at all now, lol.

Requested by: Scoob2222.

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27th-Oct-2007 01:14 am - Supernatural/BTVS Crossover
Summary: Claire runs away and stops at Harvelle’s Roadhouse. There she meets up with the Winchester boys and Faith.
Couples: Dean Winchester/Faith, Claire Bennet/Sam Winchester (implied)
Characters: Claire Bennet, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Faith, Jo Harvelle, (mentions of:) Ellen Harvelle, Peter Petrelli,
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU. Alcohol.
Disclaimer: Don't own anyone or anything.
Notes: My first entry for the LJ Community spn_btvs, along with my first three-way-crossover fanfic. 
This is an alternative world for Heroes where Claire is actually eighteen instead of sixteen & she runs away to find Peter after she finds out about her dad (Mr. Bennet).
Challenge: spn_btvs #7 - Incorporate a THIRD universe into your crossover.
27th-Oct-2007 01:11 am - X-Men Crossover
Title: Teasing & Singing
Pairing: Claire/Scott
Rating: G
Characters: Claire, Cyclops
Words: 214
Summary: “Haven’t we already seen this movie before?”
A/N: Inspired by </a></b></a>comiskey  's </font>Peter, You're Harry Potter.
27th-Oct-2007 01:09 am - X-Men Crossover
Title: Don't Want to Lose You
Rating: G
Fandoms: Heroes/X-Men
Characters: Claire, Cyclops,
Pairings: none
Word Count: 390-ish 
Disclaimer: Don’t own anyone.

27th-Oct-2007 12:59 am - Heroes/Life With Derek
Claim: Casey MacDonald and Derek Venturi (Life with Derek)
Title: Smoke Inhallation
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Life With Derek/Heroes
Pairings: Claire/Derek
Word Count: 236
Prompt: Fire
Disclaimer: Don’t own anyone.

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